Nestled in the marshes of Staten Island’s West Shore is a small town, a hamlet, called Travis. Originally known as Travisville, the town was named for Colonel Jacob Travis who resided here before the Civil War. The town went through several name changes throughout the years before officially becoming Travis again sometime between 1920 and 1930.

It seems only natural that this community overflows with so much patriotism when one looks at the history of Travis.

During the American Revolution, 9000 English troops landed on Staten Island. Islanders, being content with their lives under British rule, supported the Loyalists’ cause. One contingent of Loyalist troops was camped in Travis, which was then knows as New Blazing Star. It was here on August 22, 1777, that a major skirmish on Staten Island between General George Washington’s Patriots and General William Howe’s Loyalists was fought.

In the year 1819, the site of this battle of the Revolutionary War, at the terminus of the Richmond Turnpike) later given the commemorative name of Victory Boulevard) became the New Blazing Star Ferry. During that time, the town became one of the most important points of travel in the country. Stagecoaches and mail-wagons traveled through the village of New Blazing Star to the ferry. The ferry crossed the Arthur Kill and landed in Carteret, New Jersey where the coaches then continued on their route to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,

In 1873, the town became the home of the American Linoleum Manufacturing Company – the first factory of its kind in the United States. In 1882, the company became one of the first users of Electricity when it installed electric lights to facilitate work at night. By 1900, the plant employed 700 workers and 3,000 people called Linoleumville their home.

The community of Travis refuses to let its history die. It is seen at its best each year on the Fourth of July when it hosts one of the oldest, consecutive Independence Day celebrations in the United States. The spirit of the community of Travis defined by the three “P’s”: PRIDE, PATRIOTISM and PERSEVERANCE!

Since its beginning in 1911, The Travis Fourth of July Parade has seen only minor change. The 1912 baseball games between the “bloomer-girls” and the “bloomer-boys” are gone, but then again, so is Arco Park – the field where those games were played. The spirit lives on! The giant red, white and blue decorations still adorn the streets and the character that distinguishes Travis as a unique town are still visible.

The Travis community is a survivor of a long gone era. Despite the physical intrusions of modern times into its life, Travis still boasts the qualities of the American Pioneer. It is in those qualities that one finds the charm of Travis.

Within the City, there is an Island. Upon that Island there is a town. A town called Travis, “New York City’s last frontier”. 


 Since the parades inception in 1911, participants have marched down Victory Boulevard from Cannon Avenue to Glen Street in the community’s annual Independence Day parade.

In April, 2004, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, signed the street designation into law officially commemorating this section of Victory Boulevard as Independence Way.

The commemorative “Independence Way” signs now hang along this stretch of Victory Boulevard in the heart of Travis. 



 2010 Janice Blanchard
2011 Col. Paul H. Dietric (Ret)
2012 Nick Blanchard Jr.
2013 Rev John J. Wroblewski
2014 Joel Bibula
2015 George Everett
2016  Steven Matteo Minority Leader
2017 NYS Assemblyman Michael J. Cusick

2018 - President of the Travis Civic Association / Vietnam Veteran Gene Guerra


 2000 Linda Nelson
2001 Congressman Vito Fossella
2002 Pearl Harbor Veterans,
          Al Kongslie & John DeCicco
2003 Rev. Steve Salmon
2004 Councilman James Oddo
2005 Nicholas V. Blanchard
2006 Joan Bianco
2007 Senator John J. Marchi
2008 Edward V. Matusiak
2009 Borough Pres. James Molinaro 


 1990 Joseph Chociemski, Jr.
1991 Desert Storm Veterans *
1992 Borough Pres. Guy Molinari
1993 Joanne Mistler
1994 Michael Heinz
1995 Richard Mohlenhoff
1996 William Smarsh
1997 Frank Peters
1998 Mayor Rudolph Giuliani
1999 Dom Corcillo 

 *1991 Desert Storm Veterans - Paul Puglisi, Marine Corps, Dennis Dicks, Marine Corps, Lawrence Coles, Navy represented by his daughter Natalie Diaz 


 1980 Mary Korniewicz
1981 Lucy Ostrowski
1982 Alice VanPelt
1983 Evelyn Walter
1984 Joseph Tolas
1985 Phene Tricorico
1986 Dorothy &
          Harold McNamara
1987 The Yenneys
1988 Cathy Martino
1989 Arleen Brahn 


 1970 William Ensminger
1971 Francis Kovalsky
1972 James Brahn
1973 Raymond Goffin
1974 John W. Glen
1975 William Bush
1976 Mitchell Checrallah
1977 Jane Pecherski
1978 Henry Decker III
1979 Dorothy Morrison 


 1960 Frank Horai
1961 Joseph Chociemski Sr.
1962 Joseph Chociemski Sr.
1963 Not known
1964 William Ensminger
1965 William Ensminger
1966 William Ensminger
1967 William Ensminger
1968 James Smith
1969 James Smith 


 1953 Frank Horai
1954 Borough Pres. Baker
1955 Frank Horai
1956 Frank Tolas
1957 Peter McElkenny
1958 Steve Dziak
1959 Steve Dziak 

 Before 1971, the Committee did not realize that the Grand Marshal was a once in a lifetime honor. They called the Grand Marshal the person who led the First Division. Therefore, many names are repeated. In 1971, the Committee began selecting the Grand Marshal based on their service to the Community or our Country. 



 2010 Janice Blanchard
2011 Janice Blanchard
2012 Janice Blanchard
2013 Janice Blanchard
2014 Janice Blanchard
2015 Janice Blanchard
2016 MaryLu Hayes / John Dalton
2017 MaryLu Hayes / John Dalton

2018 MaryLu Hayes / John Dalton


 2000 Janice Blanchard
2001 Linda Nelson
2002 Janice Blanchard
2003 Janice Blanchard
2004 Janice Blanchard
2005 Janice Blanchard
2006 Janice Blanchard
2007 Janice Blanchard
2008 Janice Blanchard
2009 Janice Blanchard 


 1990 Arleen Brahn
1991 Arleen Brahn
1992 Arleen Brahn
1993 Arleen Brahn
1994 Arleen Brahn
1995 Arleen Brahn
1996 Arleen Brahn
1997 Arleen Brahn
1998 Linda Nelson / Tammy Fitzgerald
1999 Janice Blanchard / Linda Nelson 


 1980 Henry Decker III
1981 Henry Decker III
1982 Henry Decker III
1983 Henry Decker III
1984 John Rossi
1985 Jane Pecherski
1986 Henry Decker III
1987 Henry Decker III
1988 Arleen Brahn
1989 Arleen Brahn 


 1975 Joseph Chociemski, Sr.
1976 Joseph Chociemski, Sr.
1977 William Bush
1978 William Bush
1979 William Bush 


  1968 John W. Glen 


 1950 C. Edward Tortora
1951 C. Edward Tortora
1952 C. Edward Tortora
1953 C. Edward Tortora
1954 C. Edward Tortora


 1940 C. Edward Tortora
1941 C. Edward Tortora
1942 John W. Glen
1943 Louis Schmul
1944 Louis Schmul
1945 Louis Schmul
1946 C. Edward Tortora
1947 C. Edward Tortora
1948 C. Edward Tortora
1949 C. Edward Tortora 


 1930 C. Edward Tortora
1931 C. Edward Tortora
1932 C. Edward Tortora
1933 C. Edward Tortora
1934 C. Edward Tortora
1935 C. Edward Tortora
1936 C. Edward Tortora
1937 C. Edward Tortora
1938 C. Edward Tortora
1939 C. Edward Tortora 


 1920 Louis Schmul
1921 Louis Schmul
1922 Louis Schmul
1923 Louis Schmul
1924 Louis Schmul
1925 Louis Schmul
1926 Louis Schmul
1927 Louis Schmul
1928 Louis Schmul
1929 C. Edward Tortora 


 1912 George J. Cullen
1913 Louis Schmul
1914 Louis Schmul
1915 Louis Schmul
1916 Louis Schmul
1917 Louis Schmul
1918 Louis Schmul
1919 Louis Schmul